Established first Toyo Special School of Canned Foods
Re-established as Toyo College of Food Technology
Separated from the college, and established as Toyo Institute of Food Technology
Shifted to Public Interest Incorporated Foundation from Incorporated Foundation

Toyo Special School of Canned Foods had included educational and researching department. The educational department promoted college and the researching department was modified in 1961.Then, One year after (1962), Toyo Institute of Food Technology (TIFT) founded from the research division to adopt new age. TIFT received the shift authorization in the act on authorization of corporation in the public interest and started newly as public interest incorporated foundation in June 2010.


Activity of our foundation is "research", "grant" and "preservation of cultural assets" as the purpose of public works.

Research:Contribution to the development of science and technology by basic investigation and research on food and food processing & storage

Grant:Contribution to the development of science and technology by grant for research on food science

Preservation of cultural assets:Contribution to the development of the culture of the local community by preservation and exhibition of the cultural building



Food Material Laboratory Research on food materials, cultivation, breeding and environment Searching new material for food processing, improvement and storage of materials, and effective utilization of waste food from industry based on recycling.

Food Science Laboratory Research on food chemistry, analytical chemistry, food deterioration and microorganisms control Scientific analyses of phenomena on food industry. Elucidation of food spoilage and development & improvement of the control technique of microorganisms.

Food Processing Laboratory Research on packaging, development of new items, food storage and sterilization.   Creation and Improvement of food processing, sterilization, packaging and storage technology. Development and experimentally manufacture of new food when requested.

Targets on research

  1. Well-developed field in food industry    
    Storage technique of packaging food Peripheral techniques of food packaging  
  2. High level utilization and processing   
    Production of valuable material from food New technique preventing bacterial growth
  3. Food safety and quality management   
    Rapid detection and identification of microorganisms by molecular biological techniques Control technique of microorganisms
  4. Analysis of food    
    Application of 'post-genome' molecular biotechnology Research on mechanism of food deterioration
  5. Research and application of function of living things    
    Production of agricultural material by closing artificial environment Breeding of high value-added agricultural products
  6. Environment/Society conscious technology
    Effective utilization of food waste Development of palatable and functional food

The routes from the nearest station to TIFT

TIFT is in Kawanishi City, Hyogo Prefecture located in the north-northwest of Osaka City. It takes about 30 minutes from Osaka, using JR Fukuchiyama Line (JR Takarazuka Line) or Hankyu Takarazuka Line.

7 minutes' walk from Hibarigaoka-Hanayashiki Station (Hankyu Line)
10 minutes' walk from Kawanisi-Ikeda Station (JR Line)

ATS Method, a new simulator for thermal processing

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