What is ATS Method and its program.

The ATS Method is a numerical analysis and calculation method for thermal processing of packaged foods. You can use it by the program which we supply.

[Function of ATS Method]

The ATS Method program has multiple functions. The first one is analysis function which is getting the optimum values of the four parameters required for the ATS Method from the data which is composed of time, ambient temperature and the central part temperature of the product. After that, you can calculate the central part of the temperature using ambient temperature data (both virtual and measured).

[How to be introduced]

The ATS Method has two assumptions. Firstly, the ambient temperature is gradually changed. Secondary, the ambient heat takes time δ to reach the central part through surface. So when the delay time is adopted, the ambient temperature of the past time by δ is used. We call this operation "temperature slide". The central part of the product is proportional to the temperature difference between the slid ambient and central part.

How is ATS introduced? AboutATS02.png

[Calculation method]

Calculation method of ATS(1)Calculation method of ATS(2)

[Comparison between Ball's Formula and ATS method]

Ball vs ATS

[About the program]


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