07.Detection and Quantification of Thermophilic Spore-Forming Moorella thermoacetica in Canned Beverages Using Real-Time PCR

Journal of Food Protection, Vol. 78, No. 7, 2015, Pages 1392-1396 を転載

A quantitative real-time PCR assay was developed to specifically detect and quantify Moorella thermoacetica and/or Moorella thermoautotrophica from canned coffee beverages. Six different combinations of newly designed primers were examined, and primer pair v1-1F/v4R was found to specifically amplify M. thermoacetica and M. thermoautotrophica. The minimum detection sensitivity was 15 fg of pure culture DNA from M. thermoacetica. Twenty commercial canned coffee beverages were then screened for the presence of M. thermoacetica, and two were shown to contain >1.3 and >1.0 CFU/ml, respectively. Therefore, the assay developed in this study may be useful for accurately tracking and quantifying M. thermoacetica and M. thermoautotrophica in beverage samples.

中野 みよ
東洋食品研究所 研究報告書,31,45-49(2016)